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Banner Pen belongs to Man Room stingy

Advertising Banner Pen advantages not only a collection of more propaganda value , to become a modern enterprise marketing promotions , employee benefits of choice. Here to introduce you to pull the pen and paper role , allowing you to select the ad pen holder pen holder at the same time learn more about the charm .

Pen role include:

1 Banner pen collectors value

Pull the old pen and paper materials and diverse, porcelain , wood, bamboo , lacquer , jade, teeth, purple and so on. Qing Dynasties ( Kangxi , Yongzheng and Qianlong ) previous porcelain pen, because the stock is very small, has been actively pursued by collectors , in addition to its own texture, pen holder , the most important thing is carving .

2 Pull the value in use pen and paper

Advertising banner pen with practical, beautifully printed , reliable , cheap , compact everywhere put other advantages. Such as plush toys pen, with soft, smooth surface, etc., can be used as learning tribunal , office decoration decorative stuff . The Green Bamboo Banner Pen is the home office of essential goods , but also is the gift of the best gifts.

3 banner pen advertising value

Life of PVC and plastic advertising banner pen style is good, better advertising , just spend little money, you can make the brand gifts objects often appear in front of a good advertising effect , long time .

Pen belongs to Man Room stingy , the broad scope , in ancient times , pen with its artistic personality and high cultural taste , by the poets of all ages, especially the beautifully carved pull pen and paper , they drew literati of all ages. To the modern , more suitable for business promotion and marketing . With this information in preparation , I believe you will choose the best advertising pull out pen and paper as the company new listing gifts, promotional gifts market .