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Value of the inductive principle. Need to grasp the right sense of the value principles, sense of the value of the gift is too low, the role of attracting consumers would not achieve, reach Promotions true role. Sense of the value is too high, increase consumer costs, but also let consumers questioned.Our company offers promotional products of banner pen,scroll pen and flag pen.

Good emotion. Good emotional gifts, generally convenient to carry gifts and general gifts volume less an unnecessary burden. Choose these affective promotional items, so that consumers feel that the enterprise is all for the sake of customers, a good impression to the consumer.It is so important to chose a suitable product as a promotional gift,like our banner pen

The principle of creative novelty. Creative novelty promotional gifts always attract the attention of consumers in the selection of these promotional giveaways, must grasp the creative mobilize consumer desire to buy.

Quality principles. Quality principles generally the majority of consumers agree, so that consumers favor. Such promotional items must avoid choosing shoddy products, because these promotional items will directly damage the corporate image in the minds of consumers, and ultimately caused belittle the corporate brand image.
Seasonal principles. Seasonal principle generally purchase promotional banner pen at the same time, pay attention to seasonal changes, in line with seasonal promotional items to attract consumers sensory, otherwise let consumers tired of promotional items, that these gifts are excess products .
Repeatability principles. Only by allowing consumers often witnessed promotional items contained in advertising terms, in order to continue to deepen the impression. Therefore, the selection of promotional items, consumers should take into account how it will use them. The use or contact the higher the frequency, the "repeat" the greater the effect will be.
In short, banner pen has become an important part of today's advertising and public relations campaign. For business owners, the problem lies not only whether to adopt, but also in how to choose promotional items in order to achieve a "multiplier" effect.