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Our company dedicated to advertising gifts banner pen

Our company dedicated to advertising gifts banner pen, promotional items, Christmas gifts development \ production and sales, the main product styling ballpoint pen, advertising banner pens, advertising lighters advertising paper brick; company's core product modeling ballpoint pen, is the new greenproducts as promotional gifts scroll pen and gifts with eye-catching advertising effect; stereotypes into any shape according to customer demand, custom size and color screen printing clients LOGO. Applicable industry groups for our products: Travel, transportation, construction, real estate, food and beverage, financial services, entertainment, business, science and technology, utilities and other fields. Octagon source gifts, promotional items, ball pens, advertising pens, modeling pen products specializing in banner pen  production and processing of private limited liability company, the company is headquartered in zhejiang. sales Department has a complete and scientific quality management system. Sales of integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry