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Printing Logo design and layout

Extral service of design and layout for printing logo

No designer for layouting logo for printing?Don't worry,we can do this job for you.You just need to pay $20-$100.It depends on how the logo complex.Simple processing will cost lower.
Our design can do printing logo graphic for you within 24 hours.No more worries,no more trouble when
we are appeared.


Banner Pen  Art design

Printing on banner pen,Flag Pen
1.Send original digital file in big pix,and explaination that your idea on it.
2.Printing area size of banner:180x68mm
3. Make it clear which side is front ,the other is back.
4. Show company name or logo on the right space when banner closed.
5.We will send the file in AI file.And a artwork for reference before production,we need customers for approval the final art before starting producing.

Printing Logo on pen body

1. Pen Color
Point out pen color,like Green color,PMS7474C.
No need to offer PMS pantone number if the color is complete white,black.

2. Logo color

Tell us Pantone number of the logo,like PMS 7474C and PMS 583C