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Promotional Pens With Pull Out Banner


Promotional Pens With Banner

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Our company specializes in producing all kinds of advertising pen, promotional pen and paper drawing, pulling pens, banner pen, advertising pen, flag pen, scroll pen. Style, good quality, low price, fast delivery (duration :7-10 days), excellent service. Ads can be printed on paper both sides of the color ad design, text. 

First, the pen can be used for a variety of languages, a replacement cartridge can be unlimited.
Long-lasting advertising effectiveness, you can see anywhere. Pen plus advertisement will never be thrown away, the price is affordable.

Second, the pen attractive appearance, equipped with springs, telescopic free advertising paper.
Shell is made of ABS material, transparent shiny, can also, according to the company style or corporate culture further processing such as sand blasting, to meet the different needs of our customers, so that the overall appearance and performance of the product better.

Third, pull the flyer pen with pull-page poster paper is installed, pull down on both sides can be printed in color patterns, and text can also be printed according to your needs a lot of other promotional information, which is equivalent to a small leaflet to do pen. This will not only allow customers to easily accept, they will not easily discarded, in use to enhance customer impression to the customer experience marketing to bring great results, since there is a demand naturally find you. That can advertise, you can also do gifts, the real small investment big return. The product page ad pulled by the high-quality paper made of synthetic materials, resilient, stretch roll freely, not easily damaged when out and retraction, please customers and friends at ease.

Fourth, pen easier for customer acceptance and recognition, giving easier than ever to be dropped leaflets in the case, pull the banner can avoid similar incidents.
Fine poster paper at the same time the pull to attract customers often pull in the course of your information to focus on advertising high frequency, long duration, is entirely your choice for advertising! Advertising pages of paper pull the perfect colorful design, rich and diverse mass of information, and a variety of new and unique shapes are also able to attract customers to enjoy the eye, such an effect is no doubt the advertising side is widened. The key is low cost pen, any business or organization can purchase large quantities.

Finally, to remind customers and friends to find the regular custom pen product manufacturers or distributors, such customized products quality assurance, allows you to buy comfortable, with the rest assured. Look at product prices do not pay attention to avoid the product quality to you and your prospective customers unnecessary trouble, but also the company and received serious damage to corporate image, white money wasted.